Seed and crops to follow

Sunset from Christmas Hill, summer solstice 2016.

This website is in dire need of an update, so here it is.

We left Ottawa in August of 2015 and are now settling in on Vancouver Island.

I am not producing professional content at present, but won’t rule that out somewhere down the line.

Fallow”… land not planted with crops, in order to improve the quality of the soil



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A new web home for VoiceworksNorth

Greetings! If you’re reading this, thanks for dropping by.

Most of my features and reporting can be found at North Country Public Radio, in Canton, New York. (89.5 FM in the Ottawa area).

Here’s an archive of my audio reporting for NCPR. I also contribute to several station blogs: The In Box, All In and The Dirt.

While it’s a privilege to function as “Ottawa Correspondent” for NCPR, please note that I am not an employee. In industry terms, I’m a stringer – operating as an independent contractor.

This is a part-time endeavor. My focus is mainly on regional heritage, current events, environmental topics and human interest features. I’m also fond of doing narration or voice tracks.

Basically, I enjoy sharing interesting people, ideas and events with others. The bedrock qualities I’m after are authenticity, integrity and creativity. (There’s nothing wrong with beauty and humor either!)

I’m also active with the Rideau Township Historical Society, and frequently contribute to their newsletter.

Since moving to the Ottawa region in 1999, much of my focus has been on exploring and understanding Canada.

Prior to that, I spent over 35 years in my home state of Hawaii. Island culture will always be a big part of me too.

It’s been a grand adventure – one I hope to appreciate and share along the way.

with aloha,


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